Nephos 2.0 Update

Hey everybody!

Nephos is now a full fledged ecommerce application mockup working against browser local storage. Make sure to watch the video to see all the new stuff that has been added.

  • Fake Authentication
  • Add, Remove and Update cart
  • Wishlist Management
  • Checkout
  • Order Details
  • Error Pages

Premium Ecommerce Frontend.

Get Started

v2.8.0 Nephos supports Gulp 4 and Node 16 LTS.

Jumpstart your Projects
And build powerful apps
Premium UI
Carefully handcrafted
Ultra Responsive
Optimized for all devices
Time Saving
Ready to build your app
Ecommerce Ready
All you need for your store

Elegant Layout

Nephos has been designed with care. Each UI element has been thought separatly.

Micro Interactions

For a better user experience, Nephos is shipped with many built in micro interactions.

Easy Theming

6 Themes are available by default. You can also create your very own from scratch.

Shop Demos
A Complete Ecommerce kit

Well Documented

We wrote an extensive documentation to get you started as fast as possible. We want you to have the best experience with our product. You diserve it.

Awesome Features
To make you happy
Clean Code
Enhanced maintainability
Ultra Responsive
Ready for all devices
Prebuilt pages
20+ prebuilt pages
Modern Design
That will make you stand out
Feather Icons
Svg powered font icons
Micro Interactions
For a better experience
Future Updates
Get regular updates
Well Documented
We wrote a detailed documentation
Active Support
We help you with your issues
Made With
Bulma, Sass and Gulp